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General terms and conditions

Dear guest,

we have in our mind to make your stay for you as comfortable as possible. To reach that, we would like to inform you what benefits we offer, for what we are responsible and what kind of commitments are on your side.

1) The accommodation contract (rental agreement) is concluded as soon as a room was ordered or assured or in the case that a room was provided but a confirmation was impossible because of reasons of time.

2) The conclusion of a contract (rental agreement) bound both parties to implementation of the contract. It is not important for what time period.
The contract cannot be cancelled from only one party.
The conclusion of the accommodation contract (rental agreement) bound both parties to the completion of the contract, no matter for what time period the contract was concluded. The contract cannot be cancelled from only one party.

3) The contract data is binding on all parties. The hotel reserves its right to give the reserved conference rooms/hotel rooms elsewhere after expiry of the contract data.

4) In the case of registration of more people, particularly groups, the list of participants should be available 5 weeks or more before arrival.

5) In the case if the content of the booking confirmation diverge from the content of the registration, the alternative content of the confirmation becomes obligatory for customer and hotelier if the customer does not use its offered possibility of resignation within 10 days.

6) Reserved conference rooms are available for the customer within the agreed time. Any additional use at another time requires an agreement with the hotel. Reserved rooms are on the costumer’s disposal from 3 pm on the arrival date until 10 am on the date of departure.
If no other agreement was made the hotel has the right to give the rooms away after 6 pm.

7) In case of an earlier date of departure the customer is friendly requested to inform the reception until 11 am on the day before departure.
If the departure is after 11 am until 6 pm on the day before departure the customer is obliged to pay the half prise of the room, after 6 pm the full price.

8) The booking confirmation includes all details of the service that are committed in the contract. Unless no other agreements, the specification of our seminar flat rates prises are valid.

9) A refund of booked but not used services is not possible.

10) The customer can not claim preparation of special hotel rooms or function rooms. If the case arise that booked hotel rooms or function rooms are not available, the hotel has the obligation to provide compensation, even on another reasonable place outside the hotel.

11) The marked prices are inclusive service charges and taxes.

12) If the VAT rate changes after conclusion of the contract, the price agreement changes according to the new rate.

13) If the time period exceeds six months between conclusions of the contract and the production of goods and service performance the hotel reserve its right to change the prices without prior notice.

14) Changing or cancelling a booking of hotel rooms, function rooms and arrangements are invoiced as follows:

a) no costs until 40 day before arrival
b) 45 % of the booked services or arrangements until 39 to 30 days before arrival.
c) 60 % of the booked services or arrangements until 29 to 14 days before arrival.
d) 80 % of the booked services or arrangements until 13 to 0 days before arrival.

If the agreements with the hotel Bachmühle contain more than 150 overnight stays per event, all time limits extend about 30 days more in each case. The hotel tries of giving rooms, function rooms or arrangements ulterior away to prevent losses. Until ulterior awarding of the contracted rooms, function rooms and arrangements the service receiver has to pay the calculated amount for the time period of the contract and in consideration of the mentioned regulation of costs.

15) The hotel has to be informed of a changing of the number of the participants/name sheet at latest 4 days before beginning of the event, otherwise the number of the arranged services and rooms, function rooms and compositions will be charged.

16) If the purchaser is not identical with the organizer, both persond are liable as joint and several debtors.

Ist der Besteller nicht gleichzeitig Veranstalter, so haften beide als Gesamtschuldner.

17) The organizer/purchaser is liable for payments of additional food, beverages and services that are ordered by the participants of the event.

18) I fit turns out after conclusion of a contract that the contracted event of the purchaser/organizer is disturbing the business operations, put a risk on safety or is damaging the reputation of the hotel, the hotel serves its right to withdraw from the contract. This will be particularly effective if the hotel was not adequately informed by the purchaser/organizer about the true reason of an event on completion of the contract.

19) Invoices are payable within 14 days after receipt without deduction.

20) Amendments, errors, printing and counting mistakes may occur

21) Credit cards (e. g. Diners, Eurocard, Visa) are accepted for amounts of money without provision request or discount.

22) We do not make verbal agreements. Every changing or extension has to be written down to be effective.

23) Jurisdiction is Fulda.

24) The invalidity of several regulations of the contract is not cancelling the validity for the rest of the regulations.

Banquets and other special events

25) A full "à la carte service” has to be granted if it was explicit agreed. If the case occurs that an event takes place with an agreement of no uniform menu, only a limited food choice from our restaurant kitchen can be offered.

26) Ancillary services like e.g. music bands, menu card offprint or flower decoration have to be charged extra.

27) Wages of musicians and artists are paid directly to the organizer or are given to us in advance. Possibly arising GEMA-expenses are paid by the organizer.

28) Any modification of the number of participants for a common dinner/lunch has to be given to us in a written form at the latest 3 days before the beginning of the event. Otherwise at least the ordered number of covers has to be charged.

29) In the case of an event cancellation we charge the total price less the saved services. Here we charge Euro 15,00 person for beverages. That is the average value of our hotel.

30) You need a special allowance from the hotel if you want to bring food and beverages with you.

31) We assume no liability for any loss or damage of private or brought objects or exhibits. All decoration material has to be conforming to the requirements of the fire department.

32) Without allowance from the hotel it is not allowed to decorate rooms with objects or decoration material. For any damage of the inventory of the hotel that may occur during installation or uninstalling or during the event the organizer/purchaser is liable, without proof of guiltiness.